"Power of Play" Makeathon Design

I formed a 4 people group and joined an MIT, Brown, and RISD Design "Makeathon". 

We were given 4 hours to develope an idea. At the end, our product won Honorable Mention.

"Bump It" is a belt that once detect another person (who also wear "Bump It") within a certain distance, releases an air balloon around the body so the user could "Bump" off from the other person. "Bump It" could also be activated through a button. Once the balloon expands, it quickly retrieve back into the belt.

Initially the idea was to create an safety and protection product, we changed the idea after realizing that if we ourselves are given something that inflates before we are about to fall or bump into a wall, we would be trying to bump into things all the time just to have fun with it.

"Bump It" is ideally used in a "Bump Park" - an combination of the trampoline park and the bouncy castle. There, children could sneak up on each other and prank the other kid by making that kid's belt react and bump away. The same mechanism of "Bump It" would also be installed in the walls and ground of the park. There would be hidden buttons for children to find. Once found, children could press the button and make the poor kids on that floor or against that wall to be suddenly bumped away. There are endless possibility for "Bump It"!