• List from v.s. page form

The daily hot topics page is still in the list form as opposed to the personal recommended debates home page, which is in swipeable cards form. We want to provide users the option to see more topics when they try to see what is popular for other users, but this is not yet validated to support our quality > quantity approach yet. We need to test if users do choose to stay on the swipeable card form more or do they just to the list form instead. We need to validate if it is helpful for them to have both formats.


• Relationship with the debate

Do users have a long term relationship with their debates? Right now the design is targeted towards a short term relationship where users stay engaged in a topic for the first them and abandon them. They may go back to it from time to time from their "Past Debates" page. It would be interesting to experiment on what a long term engagement would look like and if it's what the users would want. (e.g. Perhaps sending users updates on a debate they joined)

• Surface Level Design Iteration

Do we have clear visual definitions?

• Comment section focused platform

The swipeable debate card format of showing topics lets users focus on the content of the topic more than the number of topics. 


• Encourages discussion & comment treads instead of a mass input of opinions

The design of the comment section encourages response to previous comments by color-coding the debate teams and showing comment treads

• A fun, care-free environment

The customizable, colorful, and simple debate cards set the tone for fun and easy-going debate topics rather than heavy and serious ones.

Thank you! Let me know if you have any critics on the designs!