Fun, Easy & Hilarious

Debate App 

"Let's Fight!"


The Mission

To provide a fun way for users to experience different perspectives

Time Frame

1.5 weeks app design + 1.5 weeks video making

Team: 2 people

My Job: Design, Organize the project, leading the progress, video editing

My partner's job: working with me on most of the steps including ideation, wireframing, and design.

For this project, my partner and I worked closely together. Though I organized the project, we put in almost equal efforts and were involved in all parts of the process together

BrainStorm& Strategy

Market Research

What we looked for:

Different forms of platforms

- Landing Page

- Relationship between posts' presentation style & platform culture

- Comment section design, how does the design inform the type of conversations & interactions happening on the platform, and therefore the platform’s culture?

Most platforms are content focused, a few are user reaction (e.g. comment section) focused

Content Focused

- need a second action to view post comments & replies to comments

- Strips/box format to present content 

- text & image have similar importance

   Most have a thumbnail of image, title, text

Content + Reaction Focused

- Comments directly underneath the post, no action needed to see comments

- need additional action to see replies to the comments

-> result in a comment section dominated by posting individual opinions and gathering likes to show which opinion is most dominant

Reaction Focused

- no action needed to see replies to comments/comment treads

- Visualization of comments emphasis and encourage replies to previous comments (not only is replies to the original comment encouraged, but replies to other replies to the comment is also encouraged)

-> result in conversation treads where each reply builds on the other. Often times one person would start a sentence and others would finish it


- Other formats include picture focused, which usually take a masonry or other gallery format

- Tinder is a unique format that focuses on understanding the content in detail. It's format of individual swiped cards focus on the quality of the content rather than the quantity of the content.


Debate - Reaction & Interaction Focused

Our app is a debate app, therefore:

- It focuses on the quality of the content rather than quantity. (The topic & the richness of the comment section are what attract users.)

-> present posts one at a time rather than strip formats that allow multiple posts on one screen

- Encourages interactions (e.g. replies to comments)

-> Show voting on the same page as the content and directly leads to comments. Users shouldn't require additional actions to see the replies to a comment.

- Display distinct sides of opinions, (not a feature found on most platforms)

->Easily and clear visualization


We switched from having a scrolling page of debate topics to having a singular swipeable topic card on each page:

- the scrolling action encourages users to quickly view through a large number of topics

- the swiping action encourages users to think about their opinion on the topic more because it makes it harder to view a mass quantity of topics and instead forces users to spend more time on each passing topic

Final Prototype

Choosing a Topic


- Swipe to view the next or previous debate topic card.

The debate cards are topics recommended to the user based on their recent activities

- Switch to hot topics page to view today's hot topics. Click on them to view them in card mode

- Topic Boards are user-generated categorizations that encourage community & culture building on the platform


- Choosing opinion choices would automatically lead to debate comments to encourage replies

- Click the comment button directly  to go to debate comments

-> could comment without voting on a side. Their comment would not have a team color and instead be gray

- The debates are open forever unless set as a timed debate

Past Debates

• Feel Important & Validated

- Shows Users which team is winning and if their comment/debate topic is liked

(shows who the winner is for timed debates)


- Follow debate topic creators to see their newly created debates appear in the user's recommended debate cards on the home page.

Create a Debate

- Customize debate cards

- Option to set it as a timed debate

Frame Designs

Conclude & Reflect

Improvements & Next Steps 

• List from v.s. page form

The daily hot topics page is still in the list form as opposed to the personal recommended debates home page, which is in swipeable cards form. We want to provide users the option to see more topics when they try to see what is popular for other users, but this is not yet validated to support our quality > quantity approach yet. We need to test if users do choose to stay on the swipeable card form more or do they switch to the list form more instead. We need to validate if it is helpful for them to have both formats.


• Relationship with the debate

Do users have a long term relationship with their debates? Right now the design is targeted towards a short term relationship where users stay engaged in a topic for the first them and abandon them. They may go back to it from time to time from their "Past Debates" page. It would be interesting to experiment on what a long term engagement would look like and if it's what the users want. (e.g. Perhaps sending users increased updates on a debate they joined)

• Surface Level Design Iteration

Do we have clear visual definitions?

What we achieved

• Comment & interaction focused platform

The swipeable debate card format lets users focus on the content of the topic more than the number of topics. The reduction of actions needed to go from topics to comments and comment treads encourages user engagement in the conversations


• Encourages comment treads instead of a mass input of opinions

Color-coding the debate teams, showing comment treads and their corresponding team colors, encourage interactions that build on teams' previous comments

• A fun, care-free environment

The customizable, colorful, and simple debate cards set the tone for fun and easy-going debate topics rather than heavy ones.

Thank you! Let me know if you have any critics on the designs!