Week 1

• Corporate-level Sponsorship

Because of the personal nature of social media advertising, we did not explore deeper into how our ad. would encourage Corporate-level Sponsorship. Our next step would be to think about how more companies could be encouraged to join the conversation.


• Returning User

The ad. serves more as an entryway for users to learn about the cause, donate, and share. Moving forward, I would like to explore how we can bring back users who had already  donated  and develop the relationship they have with the non-profit organization.

• Surface Level Design Iteration

User test surface design choices.

Testing the visibility of the call-to-action buttons and make them stand out more.

I need to learn graphic design

• After Sharing

How effective are the shared photos are in attracting more users, is a link or logo provided with each photo shared? How is profile filter effective in relation to camera filter?

• Easy entry

By focusing on the behaviors of the user, we found a way to introduce the ad. that is easily accessible and relevant to the activity habits.


• Sharable

The use of social media and filters allowed a fast, and engaging way to share the ad. The use of photo-sharing opens the potential for the campaign to become a trend.

• Engaging

The animation, characterization of corals, story-telling, and responsive aspects of the ad worked together to create an engaging experience for the user.

I enjoyed this project greatly. I hope you feel the same!