Failures - Things I didn't get right the first time

Children's Fair Fundraising Event


To sponsor kids for school in Guatemala, I organized a Children's Fair Donation Event. The donation value collected from that event did not meet our goal. We only received one-third of our set goal. In reflection, there were aspects of the event that could be improved to better our donation value. A few of them are: to require an entry fee rather than just having donation boxes,  and to appoint a supervisor to oversee the quality of each game booth.

To make up for the value of donations not achieved, I later asked for donations during Halloween "trick or treat," and we organized a pizza sale.

Student Body President Vote


I was the Communication and Design Manager at White Rock Christian Academy's Student Council. In 2017, I decided to compete for the position of student body President. This means that I had to give up my previous position. Losing the vote would also exclude me from the student council entirely because we were only allowed to apply for one position in the council. Despite the risks, I decided to go for it. After a month of campaigning, I lost the majority vote. It was a disappointment, but a great learning experience which I value.

A Book Every 3 Days


During the Summer of 2018 I challenged myself to read a book every three days. I failed and ended up reading only half of the books I intended to. In reflection, the lack of a schedule made it hard for me to stick to the plan and form a habit. I plan to reattempt this challenge next summer, but this time, I would set a time of the day just for reading.