My Passion Projects

Smart Notebook Project 

Princeton Envision Conference 2018

      Envision Conference:

      During the event, I met with entrepreneurs, young CEOs, Ph.D. students, masters students, and undergrads from around the globe to discuss ideas and explore the implications of new technological trends. Many speakers (current innovators, engineers, scientists, business leaders, intellectuals and policy makers) came to the event to give lectures and engage in workshops with us. One of the speaker was Peter Singer, one of the most influential philosophers today.

I have never felt so engaged in conversations like the ones I had there. For once, the meaningless chitchat of everyday conversation turned into topics on things that really matter. Every moment of the day was spent talking about artificial intelligence, human enhancement, nano-robotics, industrializing space, synthetic biology...and it was fantastic.

       In the evening after all the events, we formed groups  to work on idea proposals. "Making the Memex" is my group 's proposal.

Brown Space Engineering Future Satellite Development

The most exciting part of the experience was signing my name on the satellite that was launched into space with the help of NASA in July of 2018. During my time in BSE, I worked on the new FutureSAT's camera orientation system. This satellite would eventually be launched into space as well.

Christmas Concert

I was the management leader for "Christmas in the Air" concert. I was responsible for planning the event timeline and overseeing and ensuring the quality of the performances. I was also a motivation and relationship builder for this event. We raised more than $2000 for the Guatemala service trip from this event.

 Other Fundraising Events

I organized a children's fair to raise money for sponsoring kids' education in Guatemala. Other fundraising or events that I organized or participated in include fundraising for Mrs.Rose's wig shop for cancer patients,

activities in Youth Hunger Mission Foundation,

community bonding between international exchange students and local students in White Rock Christian Academy,

 and scarf knitting for the homeless.

TED X Abbotsford (Canada) Yale Secondary

I participated in team idea forming for the TED X Abbotsford Yale Secondary team. I also designed their 2018 event's logo.

Student Council and News Production

I participated in a news reporting training program at the Shanghai Morning News Later became a news reporter in my high school and was a part of the news filming and editing team. I was also responsible for communication and brand designs in the student council.

Guatemala Service Trip

I went on a service learning trip with friends to Guatemala. As we lived with local families and interacted with kids in schools, I was surprised by how much they had to offer. They helped us more than anything we could have brought to them. What they lack is the opportunities some of us have, and what we don't have is their unique community and close relationships with each other. I still have a lot to learn, when I go back to Guatemala I am prepared to repay Guatemalans what I have learned from them.

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