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Reflection on Michelle Obama's book tour

I went to Michelle Obama’s book tour today. It was good. I sneaked up to the level closer to Michelle where the seats’ prices are higher than I could afford. From there, I watched with amazement at the standing ovation the entire audience gave to Michelle before she speaks, and then after. Everyone loved her.

It was not an inspiring talk for me in the sense of context, because all that she said, I agree. I must have watched and read a lot of inspiring talks to have thought of all that. Give yourself more priority, constant growth, we are all human, live as the most authentic you, inspire and change the world… none of that is news to me.

However, what I thought of and felt during that talk is just as valuable to any new inspiration she could have given me. I felt the power of the crowd, of how one’s authenticity is contagious. I was inspired to have that sort of impact.

Another thing I got from the talk is how normal Michelle is. She is like all of us, maybe more mature, more confident and in her element, but she is one of us none the less. This discovery gives me the confidence to fulfill my vision and dreams

I went around to find a Michelle book that was signed by her. I wonder why it is important to me because I have never cared about things like that because in the end, all physical things fade away. I usually would like to instead focus on and remember what Michelle made me feel, and not to obtain a book that has some ink that her hand had touched. I thought, maybe I'm just human, after all, it would be cool to show my children and grandchildren a book that contains the signature of America's first black first lady. Then, I was upset that I thought that. No, I’m not showing my children the signature of Michelle and refer to her as a person I look up to as if she is from another level of the world. I want my children not to be surprised by this signed book, but expect me to have easy access to things like that. I want to show them the book saying this: look, it’s a signature from one of my comrades who share the same dream I have, and who work hard as I did. I’m not a fan of her; I am a friend of her. I want to be like Michelle, or dare I say, even more, impactful than Michelle, so that when I show this signature, it is with the emotions of nostalgic and a reminder of how far I have accomplished, not how different the first lady and I are.

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