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What is the Meaning of Life?

This is a funny question. when people ask that, they seek an ultimate purpose in life and the whole world. To ask the meaning of life is to ask why. Only humans questions intention before action, it is a tool that makes us survive in the long term. It is a thinking strategy that allows long-term goal reaching. However, when applied on something that is not controled by human, the question become invalid. assuming fish don't question intentions, how can you ask a fish what it's intention was? It doesn't exist. We created this "why we do things", and because we created it, we have one, and we can ask ourselves, but we can't ask things that don't use this tool and therefore doesn't have a why. It's asking for something that wasn't created in the first place. That is why it's a funny question - You can not ask why the universe and the world, and time itself (life) does something when only you think about the intention of things. there is no meaning OF LIFE, there is only the MEANING OF YOUR LIFE. The meaning doesn't exist until you create an meaning, what else could do that for you? A better question to ask is: What do i want to achieve by the time of my death? What is my purpose at this phase in my life?(that would respond to the answer of the previous question) and What is my purpose/intention at this moment in time that would serve that purpose? (of the month, thus of the year, thus of the phase in life, and eventually of life)

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