Teether For the Babies of Working Parents

This Teether is designed for the busy working family who travels a lot. It's design focus includes flexibility and travel connivence, attention to day to day problems, and being fun for the baby. 



To make the ultimate cool teether for the busy working family.


One mother complained that all the baby toys are designed for home usage. That made it hard for her to bring the baby toys with her when she travels to work and other places. The toys can't easily fit into her bag, and the baby always throw the toys while playing; at home, the parent can pick up the toy from the ground and boil it sanitize it, but not in other places.


The longer the baby is with the toy, the safer and more clam the baby feels when he/she is with it. Therefore the toy should be light so the baby could start to have it as soon as possible. 


"I just want to be able to nap for 30 minutes, if there's a toy interesting enough for my baby to play with himself for that long, I'm definitely getting it." - quote from a mother

Early Concepts

Problem: Interesting,  Solution: Interactive

Concept Developments based on research feedback

Focus: Grabs baby's attention by being interesting & Interactive

Unexpected Problem

While interactive designs look fun and exciting, it would only appear so to the parents. A 3 - 6 months old baby does not have the intelligence and the finger flexibility to play with complex interactive toys that have elements such as "push or squish the toy for a pop out face" or "shake to open the rattle" I was too focused on the idea of cool interactive toy to actually design a comfortable and suitable toy for the working family.

Shifting Focus

To avoid further fixation on a cool but unrealistic idea, I tackled the problem of comfortable & Convenience first.

Comfort + Convenience (not getting thrown away by the baby) = fitting & secured around the hand

Concept Decisions

Sketch Models

Concept Decision & Further Development

Problem: Travel Friendly

Convenience = Travel Friendly = Portable

I looked at ways I could rotate parts of the teether to make it foldable


Joints Model Expirements

fold by cutting away material at 1 side of a flexible material.

fold by making the tube rotatable at all degrees.

Problem: Interesting

Final Design & Color Studies

Final Model Colored

The actual toy would have a transparent tube that goes halfway around the bottom circle



Option 1 & 2 - Low Price Point Stores (Walmart)

Option 3 - High Price Point Stores (Specialty Stores)