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As an artist, I am determined to produce brutally honest works and be a socially responsible artist-citizen.

As a designer, I enjoy meaningful problem-solving. Often the most significant issues require the simplest solutions. 

As an entrepreneur and startup founder, I connect with my team. Together, we are hellbent on making positive changes in the world.

To achieve inclusive communities and equality across the globe, we have to reexamine the past to make a better future. We have to start with ourselves to live in a world of harmony.


About me

Double Major Industrial Design and Sculpture at Rhode Island School of Design

RISD Space Design Vice President, SUITS Co-Lead

Brown Space Engineering Ground Software Design Lead

Co-Founder of Arch for All Club

Founder and Director of Gender Respect by Design

RISD Sculpture Department Representative 2019-2020

RISD Honor Student 2018, 2019, 2021

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